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    What kinds of sizing machines have their own characteristics?

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      Length fixing machine, also known as length fixing baffle, is working with a hot saw or shearing machine, according to a certain length of sawing or cutting.

      There are many forms of sizing machine, which can be divided into door type and cantilever type according to structure, and vertical landing and horizontal action according to movement.

      The portal sizing machine is in a frame similar to a portal type. According to different sizing rakes, there are many sizing baffles. The rise and fall of the baffle are controlled by wind or electricity. This side ruler covers a large area and is inconvenient for loading and unloading.

      The cantilever length fixer is a long lead screw driven by a motor through a reducer, and the baffle moves horizontally by means of the rotation of 45 # steel plate. The baffle is positioned accurately.

      Another kind of baffle is to suspend two or three chopper baffles on a bare rod. The position of baffle is fixed by pin, and the rise and fall of baffle are moved manually, which can also satisfy production.

      1. Cantilever Length Fixer

      2. Gate-type sizing machine

      It is installed on the side of cold-cut steel to determine the length of fixed-length rolled piece. The sizing machine is composed of a sizing trolley, beams, brackets, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, etc.

      The fixed-length trolley is equipped with a baffle which is lifted and lowered by the cylinder and a motor driving device which moves on the cross beam.

      Locking Mode: Hydraulic Locking

      The cross beam is provided with a locking structure matching the longitudinal positioning of the fixed length trolley and a scale plate for indicating the fixed length.

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