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    A brief description of cold shearing equipment

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      Cold shearing equipment is a device for cutting and cutting the length of the rolled piece from the cold bed. The cold shearing equipment is driven by a top motor, which drives the first gear reducer and the big gear and the right half clutch mounted on the crankshaft to be fixed on the gear to rotate idly through the elastic coupling. When the shearing machine starts to work, the brake wheel is sucked in by the electromagnet. At this time, the left half of the clutch installed on the crankshaft by sliding key is pushed to the right by spring and combined with the right half of the clutch, so that the crankshaft rotates and the cutter head is installed on the right end of the crankshaft. Up and down straight line motion. The upper cutting edge fixed on the cutting head moves linearly with the cutting head, and the lower cutting edge is fixed on the frame. When the upper cutting edge drops, the steel can be cut. After cutting, the controller automatically operates to disconnect the power supply of the electromagnet. The roller of the brake device is pulled up by the spring to detach the clutch, the crankshaft stops rotating, and the cutting head is under the action of the hairspring. Back to the original top position, the cold shearing device moves back and forth to achieve cutting and cutting tasks.

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