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    Comparisons between ruler and flying ruler

    Time:2019-03-30     Time to browse

      Commonly used method of sizing besides sizing machine

      (1) Use a ruler to set the length. The sizing machine is located after the shearing machine or saw machine and is used in conjunction with them. There are two main types of sizing machine: door type and cantilever type. Gate sizing machine is a device with multiple sizing baffles installed in the portal frame. When used, different sizing baffles are lifted and lowered by pneumatic or electric power according to the length of the sizing. It covers a large area and is inconvenient for loading and unloading. The cantilever type ruler is driven by a long lead screw by a motor. When the lead screw rotates, it drives the ruler baffle to move horizontally. The location is more accurate. The simplest length fixing device is to suspend two or three chopper baffles on a polished rod, and to manually pull the landing baffle. Length fixing machine is often used in the old-fashioned slab workshop and bar workshop with small production scale. When cutting a long steel with multiple saws at the same time, the length can be adjusted by changing the distance between saws.

      (2) Flying shears are used to fix the length. On the finishing line of continuous bar mill and strip mill, the fixed length of steel is regulated by the special mechanism of the flying shear itself installed on the production line. The automatic regulation of fixed length can be realized in different ways: electrical logic circuit and optoelectronic components; crankshaft and gear mechanism with variable speed; crank pendulum and mechanical eccentricity or hydraulic eccentricity mechanism, etc.

      In addition, advanced cursor projection devices or rollers for measuring the length of steel plates are also used to determine the length of steel plates in the production of thick plates.

      (3) There must be a non-ruler if there is a fixed ruler, while the fixed ruler and non-ruler in profiles are supplied according to the specifications of the national standard. The non-ruler is supplied according to the requirements of customers, for example, the length of reinforcing steel bar is unified to 9M, whereas the buyer only needs 6M, the supplier can only supply 6M steel, which is the non-ruler. Its essence is that the length is different, but the standards used are different.

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