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    Working requirements of cold flying shears

    Time:2019-03-30     Time to browse

      The shear in transverse shearing operation is called cold flying shear. It is a kind of processing equipment which can cut iron plate, steel pipe and paper roll quickly. It is a cutting machine for metallurgical rolling industry, high speed wire rod and steel bar cutting machine. The cutting products of modern rolling bar have the characteristics of low power consumption and low investment cost.

      Cold flying shears are commonly used in rolling mills, papermaking and other production lines. In continuous rolling mills or small steel mills, it is located at the back of the rolling line and cuts part of the rolling line or only. Various types of shears are installed in the shearing, re-shearing, galvanizing and tin plating units of cold rolled steel sheets, and the strips are cut or cut into specified weights. The wide use of cold flying shear is conducive to the rapid development of high-speed continuous rolling steel production. Therefore, cold flying shear is one of the important links in the development of rolling production.

      Cold flying shear should ensure good cutting quality - accurate cutting length, neat cutting surface and wide range of cutting length adjustment, as well as a certain shear speed. In order to meet the above requirements, the structure and performance of cold fly shears during shearing must meet the following requirements:

      1. The horizontal speed of the shearing cutter should be equal to or slightly greater than the locomotive's moving speed.

      2. Two cutting blades should have the best clearance between cutting edges.

      3. In the process of shearing, the shearing edge is best used for plane translation motion, that is, the shearing edge is perpendicular to the surface of locomotive and vehicle.

      4. The cold flying shears must work in accordance with a certain working system to ensure a fixed length.

      5. The acceleration and mass stress of moving parts of cold flying shear are minimized to reduce inertia force and dynamic load.

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