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    Advantages and Project Implementation of Water-Piercing Cooling Device

    Time:2019-03-30     Time to browse

      Advantages and Project Implementation of Water-Piercing Cooling Device

      The mechanical properties and product quality of the material can fully meet the requirements of the national standard without adding alloy additives or reducing the amount of additives.

      2) The cost can be reduced and the benefit can be considerable by using water cooling device.

      3) Implementing water-through cooling device can not only refine grain size, improve structure and mechanical properties of steel bar, but also reduce or even eliminate oxidation bubbles on the surface of steel bar, improve product surface quality, reduce steel bar elbows and increase the fixed-length ratio.

      project implementation

      1) According to the needs of the site, not only on-line equipment can be provided, but also general contracting (i.e. turnkey engineering) can be carried out.

      2) Project implementation schedule: after the contract comes into effect, site construction design is completed within 15 days and civil construction drawings are delivered; equipment manufacturing is completed within 60 days and shipped to the site; installation and commissioning of site equipment is completed within 1-3 days;

      According to the production plan, all specifications can meet the technical requirements stipulated in the contract within 1 to 3 shifts.

      We solemnly promise to apply the water cooling device produced by us, not only to ensure the quality of the equipment, but also to be responsible for the process effect to the end.

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