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    Cold shearing machine

      500 tons cold shear

      650 tons cold shear

      850 tons cold shear

      1000 tons cold shear

      1250 tons cold shear


      It is equipped with advanced pneumatic brake and clutch devices in the world to ensure that the shearing process is fast, accurate, stable and reliable.

      Equipped with quick blade replacement device, the opening, pressing, pushing and resetting of the tool seat are completely driven by hydraulic pressure.

      The steel pressing device is installed on the feeding side of the cold shear body, and the cylinder pushes down the roll to press the cut material to ensure the smooth cutting of the material and the safety of the operation of the equipment.

      The transmission part adopts high precision gear transmission, which has smooth transmission and low noise.

      The main body of the machine tool is gantry type, which has the characteristics of stable performance and low vibration when shearing fasteners.

      Self-contained dry oil, thin oil lubrication system, hydraulic valve platform;

      It can realize Mechatronics configuration.

      Technical parameters:

      1. Maximum shear force: 13000KN (type selection can be designed according to user's needs)

      2. Maximum shear toughness width: 1600MM (type selection can be designed according to user's needs)

      3. Maximum opening: 135MM (type selection can be designed according to user's needs)

      Cutting times: 15 times per minute

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