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    Fully automatic tipping device

      Maanshan Zhicheng Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the design and manufacture of automatic tipping equipment for steel (iron) ladle. Over the years, our company has designed and manufactured various forms of automatic tipping devices, and successfully applied them in various positions.

      Under the current situation of excess capacity in the steel industry and the increasing demand for safe production and low carbon environmental protection, steel mills are facing more cruel competitive pressure. Energy saving, consumption reduction, production efficiency improvement, cost reduction and production emissions reduction become the only way for steel mills to survive and develop. Molten iron or molten steel pouring process is an indispensable process in steelmaking and ironmaking process. The overturning of ladle repair is also a necessary process. The advancement of overturning equipment is the goal of every metallurgical enterprise. At present, more than 90% of domestic metallurgical enterprises still rely on traditional metallurgical cranes or hoisters for overturning, which has low working efficiency, high operating cost, poor safety and serious pollution, especially the low yield of molten iron, which can not improve operation efficiency and reduce production costs, and also cause secondary pollution.

      In view of the above problems, after years of continuous research and development, our company has formed an independent R&D team with a certain scale and R&D capabilities. We have independently developed a series of intelligent robots for automatic reversal of molten iron and molten steel tanks, which have been successfully sold and used, and achieved good production results, and have received unanimous praise from many users.

      Advantages of Automatic Tipping Device

      1. The automatic tipping device occupies small area and low space.

      2. Reliable control, smooth operation, less splash of steel (iron) water and high yield of steel (iron) water.

      3. Set up multiple mechanical, hydraulic and electrical safety measures to deal with all kinds of unexpected and dangerous working conditions easily and safely.

      4. Carefully designed environmental dedusting system.

      Design advantages of fully automatic hydraulic tipping device:

      1. Good man-machine interface, configuration of manual, automatic, and multi-mode of machine-side operation;

      2. Casting flow rate, pouring time and return time can be controlled at will.

      3. It can realize the whole process of equal flow casting.

      4. Pipeline built-in concealed design, perfect spatter prevention, burning, heat insulation and radiation protection measures, the failure rate is very low.

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