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    Sexual transmission type tipping device for ladle of iron and steel

      Flexible Drive Automatic Hydraulic Tipping Device for Steel (Iron) Water Ladle

      The steel (iron) ladle tilting device is mainly composed of steel tank support, base, rocker arm, spindle, rotary locking mechanism and flexible transmission mechanism.

      The transmission principle of the tipping device of molten iron tank: The device adopts the semi-suspended asymmetric flexible transmission mechanism with BFT spring gravity balancer, double-point meshing, single-side drive. The original power of the motor is fed into the primary worm reducer through the input coupling for one-stage deceleration, and the worm wheel of the primary worm reducer is directly connected with the worm of the second-stage worm reducer on the driving side. The worm is driven by both. The worm wheel of the moving-side two-stage worm reducer transfers power to the worm wheel of the non-driving two-stage worm reducer through the coupling. The shaft ends of the two turbines are directly connected with a small cylindrical gear, which drives the large gear ring by two-point meshing on both sides of the big gear ring, thus driving the arm rocking device and turning the steel tank 180 degrees by the shifting rod.

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