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    Gear-driven ladle tipping device

      Hydraulic Tipping Device for Steel (Iron) Water Ladle Driven by Open Gear on Vehicle

      This kind of tilting device is mainly used for multi-station operation of ladle. Its driving mode is to drive pinion gear and big gear through reducer. The big gear and the rocker are integrated to drive the ladle to tilt at a certain angle.

      According to the technological requirements, the hydraulic control system must complete the following actions and control requirements: 1. To ensure the stability of the system, to ensure that the electric furnace can continuously tilt between 0 and 90 degrees, and has the function of speed regulation; 2. To ensure the accuracy of the system response, to ensure that the electric furnace can accurately tilt to the specified angle between 0 and 90 degrees; To achieve quantitative pouring; (3) to ensure the rapid response of the system to the signal (start pouring, stop pouring, etc.) to complete the command action; (4) start-stop without impact, low noise, can adapt to high temperature environment, good safety and reliability, easy maintenance; (5) emergency circuit must be set up when unpredictable power failure, mechanical failure, tubing burst and other emergencies occur. Therefore, it is also possible to reset the furnace body at any time, and it is absolutely not allowed to cause the accident of overturning the furnace body to lead to the pouring of high-temperature metal melt.

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