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    Horizontal Mill Line

      The characteristics of the horizontal and vertical mill train presented in the electromechanical production are as follows:

      Fixing device:

      Equipped with a large speed than manual adjustment device, so that the adjustment is easier and easier.

      2. Mill stand:

      The mill is stable, better and more rigid by adopting improved stand and new frame guide and guard device.

      3. Roll system:

      It has an axial adjusting device.

      Axial positioning device adopts no axial movement.

      4. Tie rod assembly:

      The double nut structure of main nut and auxiliary nut is adopted, and the balance force produced by the balance element (butterfly spring or damper) is used to eliminate the thread clearance between the pull rod and the main nut, so as to improve the rolling accuracy.

      The ball cushion structure makes the roller box adapt to the rolling process, makes the stress distribution of the bearing more uniform, and significantly improves the bearing life.

      5. New frame guiding device:

      The new frame guiding device has the upper and lower clamping function, which makes the guiding and fixing more reliable.

      The rigid connection between the stand and the stand makes the mill block more reliable and has stronger impact resistance.

      Because the guide frame is adopted, the constraint points of the frame are reduced, and the assembly and disassembly of the rollers are more convenient.

      6. It can realize rapid roll change and greatly improve the running speed of the rolling mill.

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