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    Sizing machine

      1. Cantilever Length Fixer

      2. Gate-type sizing machine

      It is installed on the side of cold-cut steel to determine the length of fixed-length rolled piece. The sizing machine is composed of a sizing trolley, beams, brackets, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, etc.

      The fixed-length trolley is equipped with a baffle which is lifted and lowered by the cylinder and a motor driving device which moves on the cross beam.

      Locking Mode: Hydraulic Locking

      The cross beam is provided with a locking structure matching the longitudinal positioning of the fixed length trolley and a scale plate for indicating the fixed length.

      Technical parameters:

      Length range: 6m-12m

      Final Length Accuracy: <10mm

      Baffle Width: Effective Width 1200-1400mm

      Status of blocked rolled pieces

      Length of rolled piece: 36-114 M

      Maximum weight: about 14 000 kg

      Maximum operating speed: 1.5m/s

      Compressed Air User Point Pressure: 0.6 Mpa Hydraulic: 10 Mpa

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