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    450 tons cold flying shear

      Our company and Zhongye Huatian Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed a cold flying shear unit. The flying shear is a double crank connecting rod structure with a maximum shear knife of 4500 kN. The fastening speed of the shearer is 1 m~1.5 m/s and the length of the fixed length is 6 m. Unlike previous fixed cold shears, the flying shear can realize moving shearing without the fixed length machine. High efficiency. It can meet the demand of 800-1.2 million tons of profiles and bars workshop per year.

      Product advantages

      The flying scissors frame is installed in the gantry frame to withstand large scissors.

      All the inlet and outlet rollers adopt magnetic rollers to increase the adsorbability of the fasteners and ensure the accuracy.

      Two domestic 750kW low inertia motors are used in parallel drive to ensure adequate shear capacity and performance.

      The swing rollers and pressing rollers are arranged at the inlet and outlet, which are not installed in the flying shear body to reduce the damage caused by shear impact.


      Compared with the fixed length shear, the cold flying shear has higher efficiency and saves the equipment of the length fixing machine.

      Compared with pendulum cold flying shear, crank connecting rod cold flying shear has simple structure, accurate transmission, small inertia, small impact on civil foundation, high precision, stable operation and simple maintenance.

      Compared with the imported cold flying shear, the magnetic rollers are used in both the inlet and outlet rollers, and the accuracy of the fixed length is higher. Domestic cold flying shear has less investment and low production and maintenance cost.

      Technical parameters:

      1. Working speed: 1m/s-1.5m/s

      2. Cutting edge coincidence: 3-4mm

      3. Blade clearance: 0.1-0.4 mm

      4. Speed ratio: 4.32

      5. Motor speed: 530 rpm

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